My very first poem


Back in February, I was tasked to write a poem by my tutor for my third assignment.

After a long period of trying and failing, I decided to go back to one of my basic exercise poems and expand on that. Hopefully it worked well and isn’t too bad or boring to read.

Enjoy 🙂

The Land of the Rising Sun

Colourful and bright
the neon signs shine.
Kanji covers the
streets, detailing places
to eat and relax.

They are in heaven
in the land that they
have always loved.

Geishas and samurai
once walked these streets but
now business men, tourists
and anime fans
dominate the paths.

The red and pink blossoms
fall, creating a landscape
of colour.

Inviting everyone

to stop and admire
the picturesque land.

The land of the rising
sun they call it.

As the city is
bathed in sunlight, Tokyo

Greens, yellows and blues
reflect off the wet
blossoms soaked with rain
on the ground.

Vendors sell street food
from small windows filled
with friendly faces.
Smells of Ramen and
fresh Sushi fill the air.
Money changes hands.

Tokyo sings with
the sounds of the flowing
crowds going about
their days.

The land of the rising
sun they call it.



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