Another short story


This one I am not very proud of but hey ho, it’s all about exposure and stuff.

This one was also a bit more like life writing or more autobiographical that straight up fiction but I think it flows well and I quite like the dialogue in it.

So here it is:

Home Truths

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Steven. Happy birthday to you!” Everyone cheered at the end of the song. By everyone, that just meant Stevens sister Claire and his mum as who knows where his dad was currently. Steven hadn’t seen him since he was eleven and apart from the odd phone call here and there, he hadn’t really spoken to him either as every time he would call it would be late at night and he would be too drunk to even make sense of what he was trying to say. This sounds like it was an every few months’ thing but it was more like every year thing instead. So, no, dad wasn’t around and Steven couldn’t really give a toss. As today he was eighteen and he didn’t even have to speak to him if he didn’t want to, no matter how many times he called. By this point, he was just as much of a stranger as the guy who serves in a coffee shop that you visit on occasion, who vaguely recognises you in his hungover haze at nine o clock on a Saturday morning.


His mum had finally bought him driving lessons for his birthday as she was convinced that you can only start driving when you reach eighteen, not seventeen. So, last year she didn’t even consider getting him lessons and whilst Steven was a bit put out, he could see the funny side to it as his mum was a bit clueless on these sorts of things. Whilst it wasn’t a physical gift per say it was nice to finally have something that would go towards his future. The idea of the wind in his hair as he travelled through the countryside with no one to answer to made him smile and was something he was very much looking forward to.


Steven didn’t really have much planned for the day. Cake and tea with the family this morning then hopefully seeing his two best friends Adam and Kimberly later in the evening, besides that it was a quiet Saturday really. With it being early May the spring showers outside covered the ground: it felt nice to be indoors, both warm and cosy with his loved ones around him. But the one thing he couldn’t shake was the tight knot in his stomach. The kind that makes you feel both sick and dizzy at the same time. He knew why it was there and what he had to do to make it go away. Now that he was 18, today was the day he was going to come out to his mum.


He had known since he was thirteen that he was different from the other boys at school. Maybe the big thing was that he hated P.E and sports or maybe it was due to the fact he was also diagnosed with depression when he was thirteen. Whatever the reason, being seventeen and gay with no one knowing was both hard and frustrating. Especially when keeping your true self a secret and burying it deep down as far as it would go. Although it was hard keeping such a big thing under wraps, it felt nearly as difficult to come out to the people who had been in his life for what felt like forever. After four years of keeping the truth hidden, he finally gained the courage to lift the massive weight off his chest and that’s exactly what he did. He managed to gain the strength to come out to Adam, Kim and his sister but not his mother as at the time he didn’t want to include her in the people to come out to as he felt it would just disappoint her. No kids, being persecuted and judged by other people, the list went on but, after contemplating this for nearly a year, he felt now was the best time. Well, as good a time as any as for this kind of revelation!


“How does it feel to be old eh?” asked Claire as his mum went to get come plates. She was only two years younger than Steven but she was the more mature of the two. Being the eldest he couldn’t help but be overprotective of her but she was more than capable and clever enough to look after herself. When he came out to her she dealt with it in her usual mature way and took it all in her stride. “I kind of had an idea after never seeing you with a girlfriend. Well, apart from when you were 9 and you went out with Kelly Morris for three weeks.” He remembered that she laughed as she said this and made Steven feel at immediately at ease as she could always do in that supportive way. Steven was admittedly terrified she would disown him or grass him up to mum but those were worries that were totally unfounded and low and behold, Claire was as laid back as ever, thankfully.


“I dunno, I’ll tell you when I’m older” replied Steven with a nervous laugh. Claire picked up on the atmosphere almost straight away and asked what was wrong. “I want to tell Mum about me, you know. The real me. Today.” Whispered Steven. “Well, it’s about time bro. Try not to worry, though, you know what Mum is like. She may be ditzy but she loves you.” Claire embraced him in a tight hug and kissed him on the cheek. As she pulled away, she gave Steven a wry smile and said: “You’ve got this Steven.” She then turned and walked out of the room just as Mum was walking back in from the kitchen.


“Oh, where is she off to? I haven’t even cut up the cake yet. Claire come back and get this cake eaten!” exclaimed his mother as she placed the plates on the table. Steven couldn’t help but notice she had picked out the fancy China for the cake to sit on. A gesture he couldn’t help but feel both honoured and pleased about. “Claire’s just gone upstairs to do some homework, she will be back down later.” Lied Steven. Homework was the last thing on Claire’s mind on a Saturday, a fact they both knew but Steven just decided to run with it.


He pulled out a chair from the dining table for his mum and gestured for her to sit down. As she did, all the while looking slightly perplexed, Steven went and pulled a chair opposite her and sat himself down. As he lowered onto the chair, he took his mother’s hands into his own and looked her straight in the eye. The look on her face made him even more nervous, as it was that worried yet slightly confused expression every child knows their parents to have at some point in their lives. “Firstly, I just wanted to say don’t worry as it is nothing bad,” he said with that nervous wobble in his voice “and I want you to know that I love you.” “I love you too sweetheart but what’s wrong honey? You look like you’ve seen a ghost” asked his mother. Steven took a deep breath and just wanted to get it over with a quickly as possible. As he looked from his mum’s gaze down to the ground he said “There is no easy way to say this mum but” he paused slightly before the next word, as if to swallow all his doubts and then he just came right out with it.

“I’m gay. I’ve known since I was thirteen and even though I have told a few people, I didn’t tell you right away as I was terrified of what you would say.”  He took another deep breath and looked up into his mother’s eyes to try to work out how she had taken it. He was unsurprised to see her crying, he hadn’t even noticed one of her hands had escaped his and was covering her mouth. In that moment, the World began to fall away for what felt like an eternity. He too began to tear up, waiting for his mother to say something to him in response to her only son being gay.


“Oh, Steven” she began. “My beautiful boy. I just want you to know that I love you too. I am so sorry you felt you couldn’t come to me before now to have this conversation but I want you to know that I understand and I couldn’t be more proud of you and the man you have become.” Steven was in shock. So much so he didn’t even remember standing up and being held tight by his mum in a hug he never wanted to end. As they both cried into each other’s shoulders Steven finally felt accepted and proud to have such a wonderful mother. He finally felt like everything was going to be ok.


My First short story


Basically what the title says, this assignment was my first attempt at a short story and it turned out ok I guess. This was before I changed the flow into better paragraphs amongst other things. So you could say this was the raw version. Anyways have a read and see what you think:


It was a cold November evening and rain had just begun to fall. The kind of rain that reminds you winter is on its way, the kind of rain that would be amazingly refreshing on a hot summers day but in the final days of Autumn, it felt like small droplets of ice hitting your cheek. As the rain began to fall steadily faster, Karen let out a long drawn out sigh that revealed itself as clouds of warm moisture hitting the cold night air. She had been waiting for the bus home for over fifteen minutes but the longer she waited for the more she began to think it would never arrive. Karen already had a rough day at work and standing in the cold night air becoming wetter by the minute wasn’t helping at all.


Being a nurse could be tough most days of the week but she loved the challenge and helping people gave her life a purpose and focus she never thought she would have, especially not by the time she was 25. Today was especially rough with lots of new patients to admit onto the already full wards and trying to find them all a bed was neigh on impossible.


The rain had become so heavy that Karen’s clothes under her long mac coat had started to dampen and cling to her skin. “Where the hell is this bus?!” she muttered under her breath as she wrapped her arms around herself hoping it would help make her just that little bit warmer. Out of the corner of her right eye, she thought she saw something coming towards her on the empty road. As she turned her head to investigate it suddenly felt instantly warmer and lighter than it had before plus she swore to herself that she felt the rain stop suddenly. The car was still coming towards her but it was a strange model of car that she didn’t recognise. She didn’t think it too odd though as she admittedly didn’t know much about cars. Just before it passed her she blinked and in an instant the road was back to being dead with the rain and cold of the November evening once again returning.


Her mind was instantly confused and whilst trying to make sense of what just happened she hadn’t paid attention to the footsteps coming from behind her, in fact, she didn’t even realise there was someone stood next to her until the rain hitting her body came to a sudden halt. She looked to the pavement where she saw the rain had stopped in a small circle around her. As she began to look up and noticed the umbrella, she saw a shadow out of the left-hand corner of her eye which caused her to almost jump out of her skin. “What the?!” shrieked Karen as a pleasant and soft voice came out of the silhouette stood next to her. “Oh, my God, I am so sorry! I just saw you stood here soaking and I thought you could use some cover… I’m sorry I never meant to scare you! I’m, I’m…” he stuttered trying to find his voice “I mean my name is Andrew.”


Karen quickly managed to find her composure and placed her hand on her chest whilst at the same time shaking her head with droplets falling as she did. “No no it’s fine, don’t worry about it. I just thought I was alone and didn’t hear you coming up behind me!” As she said this she backed up a few inches so that she was stood under the dim street light hoping he would follow with his umbrella so she could get a better look at him. When he did walk into the light, she was relieved to finally see the face of the gentleman in front of her but also taken aback slightly. This kind man was so handsome it slightly took Karen’s breath away. Andrew was taller than she was by a good few inches so she estimated Andrew would be around 6 foot. He was slightly stocky with wide shoulders and was wearing a brown suit under his black jacket.


As she made a note to herself about how smart he was dressed she blinked and suddenly his brown blazer had turned into a black three-piece suit with a white shirt and finished off with a pale blue tie. Whilst she was trying to make sense of how Andrews clothes had changed she noticed that her left hand was pressed against his chest with a gold diamond ring adorned on her third finger. She couldn’t help but stare at the beautiful jewellery as it glistened in the sun. It looked so much like her Grandmothers wedding ring, the ring she always wore when she played dress up by herself when she was younger but she couldn’t quite make out if it was the same ring or even more strangely why she was suddenly wearing it. Her attention was taken away from the mystery of the ring when her eyes caught on to the fact there were petals falling in front of her face, fluttering in the once again warm air with no sign of the heavy rain. Karen followed one of the petals as it floated to the pavement although the ground was now a small stone staircase which she was stood at the very top of. It was only when she noticed the stairs that she realised the petals weren’t petals at all but confetti; confetti in stunning shades of red, white and pink. Her confusion gave way for a split second as she felt truly happy. It was a happiness she had never felt before and it both scared and delighted her at the same time. “Say cheese!” came a distant voice and as she looked up to meet the eyes of this man in the black three-piece suit, she saw that the figure in front of her was Andrew but the surroundings had once again grown cold and the beautiful sunshine from that happy day had become a dark, dreary evening highlighted by the street light with the rain lashing down hitting him all over.


Karen was totally perplexed but put it down to being tired and just wanting to get home to the warmth and eventually her comfy bed. She put the feeling of uncertainty out of her head and once again began to study the features of the man in front of her. He had brown hair that was in a side parting pushing most of his over to the left-hand side of his face but due to the rain his hair had fallen and was flapping over his left eye. This brought attention to his eyes, two beautiful light blue eyes that were slightly bigger than any she had ever seen before which she thought helped draw you into his deep gaze. The intense pale blue of his eyes made her think of the tie she had seen on the figure from her daydream, noting that it would go perfectly with anything Andrew wore as it would only make his eyes that much more stunning. As she noticed this he smiled shyly more to himself than to her which caused her to smile nervously back. This only made his smile grow into a huge stunning grin which had the same effect on her as she pushed her hair back behind her ears trying to be all coy.


“I don’t mean to sound forward but wow, you are beautiful. I hope you don’t mind me saying that? May I ask your name?” As she stared back into those wonderful eyes she kept smiling as she shook her head “I don’t mind at all. Who doesn’t like hearing someone telling them they are beautiful?” Andrew breathed a long sigh of relief and that shy smile crept back onto his face. “Oh, and it’s Karen by the way. Karen Danvers.” She reached out her hand as she spoke and Andrew looked down and then back into her green eyes as he placed his hand on hers in a soft but reassuring grip. “Pleased to meet you, Karen, I’m Andrew. Andrew Summers.”


As he said this she began to feel queasy and shook her head as if to shake off nausea. She closed her eyes tight and took a deep breath. She slowly opened her eyes to find that her hand was now being held by an older man who wore thick-rimmed tortoise shell glasses and had short but brilliantly white hair. “Take a seat Mrs Summers.” He said as he released Karen’s hand and motioned to the chair that had appeared behind her. Unsure of what was happening or why he had called her Mrs Summers she sat down and noted that the room was fairly large and this man had a big desk in the middle of it with two seats opposite him, one of which was now taken up by Karen. “I’m pleased to tell you that after our tests we have discovered that you’re three months pregnant.” “Wait what?! How is this possible?” she thought to herself. “I don’t even have a boyfriend let alone a husband!” Shocked and upset Karen began to stand and at once she felt dizzy. All of a sudden, a strong grip had caught her before she fell and as she looked up into the face of the person who had saved her she saw those pale blue eyes again, the same eyes she had fallen in love with all those years ago but now they looked both wiser and concerned.


Karen closed her eyes once again to stave off nausea but instead of being brought back to that cold rainy evening of November like before she was stood in a bright yellow room that was covered in soft toys and baby things. Looking down she saw a small baby was cradled in her arms and instantly she knew that this was her daughter, as confusing as this was she felt such happiness and began to cry tears of joy that dropped from her eyes straight onto the baby’s blanket. “Hey honey don’t cry or you’ll set me off!” came that same voice from all those years ago, as a seemingly older Andrew came up behind her and squeezed her gently. “It’s been a tough few days but she is finally here, our little bundle of joy.” Karen couldn’t hold back the tears as she set the baby down into her new crib.


As she lay the baby down she looked up at the mobile hanging above the cot and smiled to herself. Lowering her head back down for another look at her beautiful child she realised that she was no longer there. Panicking she turned around to tell Andrew but he had disappeared too. All at once a sense of dread came over her as she noticed the room was now empty apart from the cot up against the wall. “What is going on?” she thought as she turned around and began to wrench the door open. All of a sudden, her mum was on the other side with tears in her eyes. “Mum?! What are you doing here? What is happening? Where is Andrew?!” She hadn’t meant to shout but the confusion was beginning to scare and frustrate her. Her mum pulled her into a tight hug and whispered “You know where they are love. You remember the accident, don’t you? If you didn’t have to cover that shift, then all three of you would have been in that car.” Accident? What accident?! “The other driver came out of nowhere, there was nothing anyone could have done.”


“No, no this can’t be real!” said Karen as she slowly pulled back from her mum’s hug and looked up to see a middle-aged woman with a kind face but she certainly wasn’t her mum! “Who… Who are you? Where the hell am I?” Pushing away from the woman she noticed her hands looked old and wrinkly but that beautiful ring from her daydream was once again there on her left hand. Turning around to look at her daughter’s crib she realised she was suddenly outside on a warm afternoon by a quiet road. “Karen please don’t get upset, you know who I am, it’s Jean from next door.”


“Where is my baby I have to find her! Is she with Andrew?!” Suddenly Karen began to become confused.

“Jean? Oh, I am so sorry dear I was, well I don’t know what I was doing. I felt like I was in a daze.”

Jean smiled softly and walked over to Karen wrapping her arms and a pale blue blanket around her shoulders “It’s ok Karen, let’s go back inside and I’ll make you a nice brew how does that sound?”

“Yes, of course, dear. I don’t suppose you’ve seen Andrew, have you?”

“I’m sorry Karen, I haven’t.”


Back in 1965, the two strangers hold their gaze ignoring the World around them. The number 7 bus finally arrives 20 minutes late but it is something neither Andrew or Karen even notice.

My very first poem


Back in February, I was tasked to write a poem by my tutor for my third assignment.

After a long period of trying and failing, I decided to go back to one of my basic exercise poems and expand on that. Hopefully it worked well and isn’t too bad or boring to read.

Enjoy 🙂

The Land of the Rising Sun

Colourful and bright
the neon signs shine.
Kanji covers the
streets, detailing places
to eat and relax.

They are in heaven
in the land that they
have always loved.

Geishas and samurai
once walked these streets but
now business men, tourists
and anime fans
dominate the paths.

The red and pink blossoms
fall, creating a landscape
of colour.

Inviting everyone

to stop and admire
the picturesque land.

The land of the rising
sun they call it.

As the city is
bathed in sunlight, Tokyo

Greens, yellows and blues
reflect off the wet
blossoms soaked with rain
on the ground.

Vendors sell street food
from small windows filled
with friendly faces.
Smells of Ramen and
fresh Sushi fill the air.
Money changes hands.

Tokyo sings with
the sounds of the flowing
crowds going about
their days.

The land of the rising
sun they call it.


Starting things up again


It’s been a long time since I used this blog and after some carful consideration, I thought it was about time I restarted the website.

I am going to use this blog to get out my thoughts and feelings, post my uni work and assignments and maybe even talk about some geeky things just like I used to.

It is going to be a mix of things, so I apologise about the randomness of the blog but I hope that overall my personality will shine through and keep people coming back to the website.

Well, thats about all I have to say. Cheers for reading and I hope this blog actually becomes something worth reading even if I do ramble on and not make much sense alot of the time!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Scott Snyder talks about bringing the Joker back to Gotham.


*Spoilers for Batman #36 *

Taken from

Joker has a brand new face, and Batman comics have been showing it to readers for more than a year.

Eric Border, the Arkham Asylum orderly who first appeared in 2013’s Batman Annual #2, has been acting like an ally to Batman ever since he showed up at Arkham Asylum.

But today, readers found out Eric is actually the Joker.

Border has a regular gig in Arkham Manor, and was also part of Batman: Joker’s Daughter #1 (which now explains the note from Joker that showed up at the end of the issue). The character has also been seen in Batman Eternal, and actually helped Batman in Batman #34.

In October, Batman #35 brought Joker back into Bruce Wayne’s life in a big way, involving the Justice League, as Snyder and artist Greg Capullo began a six-issue story titled “Endgame.” Although Joker wasn’t actually shown in last month’s issue, it was clear that Batman’s nemesis had returned, after having been assumed dead or missing after the conclusion of 2012’s “Death of the Family” event.

Following up on our discussion last month about Joker’s return, Newsarama talked to Snyder about how he hid the villain in plain sight for more than a year.

Newsarama: Scott, I can’t believe I didn’t see this coming. Obviously, you planned way ahead with Eric Border, introducing him… I think it was the issue you co-wrote with Marguerite Bennett, Batman Annual #2?

Scott Snyder: Yeah, it was.

Nrama: And she used him in the Joker’s Daughter issue she did. It’s all very sneaky, Scott.

Snyder: Yeah. It was a lot of fun when I pitched the idea of putting him in there, you know, right as we were doing “Death of the Family,” and saying, can we seed him in so people can see that we have a second verse of the story, that we’ve been thinking about doing for a long time?

When I got the approval, I was very, very excited.

And then Marguerite was really the only person in the Bat-group that knew that for awhile. And then James [Tynion IV, Snyder’s Batman Eternal co-plotter who’s also currently writing the back-up stories for Batman]. It was just the three of us who knew that was him.

I was terrified that people would figure out his name. I was like, they’d know right away he was the Joker and that would be the end, and I’d have to change it somehow or figure out some other way of doing it.

Nrama: I never noticed anyone online guessing this. In the Jokers Daughter issue, Joker slips her a little note. It’s probably the biggest clue we’ve gotten, because it was after she met Eric Border.

Snyder: Right. Exactly. She showed me that at the time and asked me about it, and we talked about it.

He also pops up a teeny bit in Eternal, and he’s obviously in Batman #34 also, to kind of tease what’s coming too.

Nrama: And Arkham Manor, where he’s, like, a main character!

Snyder: And Arkham Manor. The funny thing is, Gerry [Duggan, the writer on Arkham Manor] is one of the other only few people I told about it, just to get a sense of the story. I told him that a long time ago — I think it was Kansas City last year. So it was two Kansas Cities ago.

Then he started talking about how much he liked the idea of Arkham with this guy lurking in it. I told him what we were going to do with Arkham in Eternal, and then he really came up with the idea for Arkham Manor in that conversation.

So Eric was a part of that original idea. He actually plays quite a bit role in that too.

Nrama: As Joker? Or as Eric Border?

Snyder: Well, as Eric, but you know now that he’s Joker, because it’s coming out after this issue.

So you’ll see all of his actions.

I don’t want to give it away for Gerry, but you’ll see him in there. You’ll see Eric, and then you’ll catch up to the present of Batman. And you’ll see the aftermath of Joker too.

Nrama: Does it tie into the back-up stories that James is doing in Batman, with the former Arkham patients?

Snyder: Yeah, he’s in there too. James is writing him in there. It’s all part of the same thing.

Nrama: We’ve still got the visual theme of the flies. Did you and Greg talk about that? In the past it was because of his face, but we’ve got the same theme going here.

Snyder: Yeah, Greg actually came up with that, for this issue, as a kind of running theme. I love it, because — not to give too much away, but what Joker is going to say about himself, coming up in the next issue, and what he reveals to Batman about where he’s been and what he’s been doing, and how much he knows about everything — all of that has, for me, I think… underpinnings of things that are pretty devilish and paints him as, like, something that’s come back from the grave.

Nrama: The first issue of this storyline felt very big and bombastic, with the Justice League involved. This one moved to a creepy, back-from-the-dead, sneaky Joker feeling. Are you going to play with both those things in this story?

Snyder: Yeah, it’s going to get big again. It gets small. And then I think you see hints in this issue about these things that happen, with Gotham and everything.

Nrama: The promise of a “first” infection, and a second and third, and a “party growing?”

Snyder: Yeah. You can imagine, given those hints, it’s going to dovetail very big.

We wanted to open with a big warning shot across the bow, saying, you know, “This one’s for real.”

And then also have it something that sends a message, that’s like, “We’re no longer friends.”

Friends to enemies.

And then we wanted to ratchet it down to show the terror of where is he? What’s he going to do?

And then once he reveals himself [in this issue], in a scary way, he’s saying, “Now let’s start.”

Nrama: I’m wondering about the juxtaposition with the scenes of how Batman dies — or how he thinks he may die, or fears he may die. I know we talked about this last month a little bit, but can you talk about why we’re seeing those scenes interspersed with this Joker story in particular?

Snyder: For me, this story, it’s largely about this idea that Joker is saying, “It’s over.” And “you’re going to die this time and everyone is going down.”

I wanted to do something where I’m putting pressure on Bruce. He’s in the prime of his life. You know? He’s not anything close to the Dark Knight Returns sort of Batman, or anything like that.

But I think, for me, deep down — not to get too “on-the-couch” about my run — but I think the thing that fascinates me about Batman, in terms of his relationship to Gotham, is his own mortality.

It’s something that I have a lot of issues about, I think, in my own life.

And that sense of Batman turning himself into something that’s larger than life, and legend, and folktale — something that’s bigger than his body and bigger than his own physicality – is a huge part of who he is. He means something.

And then to come along and say, well, the owls sort of said, we were here before you. We’re older than you.

And Joker last time they fought said, you know, you forgot that you’re supposed to be forever because you fell in love with all these stupid people, your family; come back to what you’re supposed to be. Zero Year is about that stuff too.

And for me, this is really the end of that theme, in a way, where Joker is saying to him, you know, this is the end. And everything goes down.

And “you don’t really understand how small you really are. You’re just a man. And all of this, and me — we’re bigger than you. Everything you do is just throwing pebbles into a river. None of it matters. I’ll show you, because you’ll be forgotten very quickly, and I’ll be remembered, and all the things that you did amount to nothing.”

That’s the greatest joke, according to Joker in this story, is that you think your life means something.

Nrama: And we’re all just laughing at you.

Nrama: I know you said we’re going to find out what Joker’s been doing all this time. I assume we’ll learn why he has a face again? Or how he got that face?

Snyder: Yes, you’ll learn. There will be different possibilities. But there will be one that really sticks out as, this is probably why that happened. Yeah.

Nrama: And the theme the last time around surrounded him not having a face. I assume you see this return of Joker being more about him having a face? Do you know what I mean? It’s scary in a different way.

Snyder: Yeah, I think it’s scary different way, because the last story was sort of Joker extending a hand. He was saying, “let me cut my face off just to show you how much I care about you. I’m showing you that beneath this face, there’s just more Joker. There’s no humanity here. And that’s the way you’re supposed to be. You’re not supposed to be whoever you are underneath that mask. You’re supposed to just be the Bat-King. You’re just Batman. That’s why you started this and why I followed you out of the hood and all that stuff.”

Now, I think what he’s saying is, “No more smiling mister nice guy. This is the face of a stranger.” Everything down to the way he dresses in this arc, he dresses in a very formal, kind of funereal, spooky way. He has the small shoes and black suit.

Everything he uses is black in this arc — the black boxing glove, the black flag that says “bang.”

It’s all saying, “you never knew me. You always thought you did. I let you think that, because I was trying to get you to see the light and come over to the right side and transcend your body, in some ways, and be with me, and be with us villains and be part of legend.

“But deep down, you’re just a scared little boy.

“And so in being that, it’s over. And I’m going to show you that you never knew who I was. And you never know who I am.

“I’m just a stranger coming to kill you and wreck everything for you.”