Titans series coming to TV?!


Certainly looks that way. Bring on Nightwing!!

Taken from comicbookresources.com:

UPDATE 9/11/2014 4:40 PM PT: The Wall Street Journal has also reported on a potential “Titans” series, stating that Akiva Goldsman and Mark Haimes are set to write the pilot, as well as executive produce. DC Entertainment chief creative officer Geoff Johns tweeted WSJ’s version of the story:

Variety reports that TNT and Warner Bros. are close to a deal to produce a pilot for “Titans,” a one-hour drama based on the characters from the DC Comics team of the same name. The roster reportedly includes Dick Grayson, Starfire and Raven. Akiva Goldsman and Mark Haimes will executive produce.

Details on the television series are still sparse, other than the fact that TNT and Warner Bros. are nearing an agreement for pilot production. However, a “Titans” series on TNT would further extend Warner Bros. expansion of DC Entertainment properties into television. Following the success of “Arrow” on The CW, there are four more DC-based series in the pipeline for the 2014-2015 season, including “Arrow” sister show “The Flash” plus “iZombie” on The CW; “Constantine” on NBC and “Gotham” on FOX. Recently, new “Arrow” and “The Flash” executive producer Greg Berlanti confirmed reports of a “Supergirl” television series in early stages of development.

titans-bfe6fThe “Titans” series will have a long history of stories to draw from should it come to fruition. Although the Teen Titans began as a team of sidekicks, George Perez and Marv Wolfman evolved the team into its own unique property during their run on “The New Teen Titans” in the 1980s, introducing DC Comics mainstays like Raven, Starfire, Beast Boy and Cyborg. That said, the “Titans” series may also run into possible confusion across different DC television shows — Wally West, a longtime mainstay of the Titans, may already be set to appear on “The Flash,” and Cyborg is rumored to appear in the upcoming DC-centric films — and although Dick Grayson hasn’t yet been mentioned in promotional material for “Gotham,” that show is set to encompass a wide variety of Batman characters, including (young) Bruce Wayne himself.

Yet the Titans have a deep bench of characters, and there’s quite a bit of history in the comics from which to draw inspiration. Should the deal go through, more details will certainly follow about the pilot episode and which characters the TNT series hopes to include.



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