Star Wars Comics


Being such a massive geek I love so many different characters, stories and franchises but out of everything I am passionate about its Star Wars that will always be my first love.

Ever since I saw the first Star Wars on tv at Christmas when I was 3 I have been madly obsessed about that galaxy far far away. At first it was because I loved the idea of lightsabers; the way that they move and sound called out to me but as I got older I began to appreciate everything else including the story, the music and even the costume and set design.

By the time I reached my teenage years I was hooked and absorbing everything Star Wars related that I could from novels and soundtracks to comics and video games. So I thought why not share some of my favourite Star Wars comic books which I think everyone should experience beginning with the fantastic Knights of the Old Republic.

Set almost 4,000 years before the Star Wars films Knights of the Old Republic or KOTOR follows the story of Zayne Carrick; a young Padawan (Jedi in training) who is tasked with capturing a notorious smuggler Gryph which will allow him to be promoted to Jedi Knight at the next graduation ceremony. After numerous hurdles along the way, Zayne manages to capture Gryph, but is late to the graduation ceremony. Upon arriving back at the academy, Zayne is horrified to find the Jedi Masters standing over the slain corpses of his fellow Padawans!

KOTORZayneThis begins a 50 issue cat and mouse series with the Jedi Masters trying to track down Zayne and stop him from discovering the truth about why they murdered his friends. The series is fantastically written and beautifully drawn with so many twists and turns that leave you dying to keep reading just to see what direction the story will flow next.

If KOTOR is too far away from the main Star Wars story then Dark Empire might be the comic for you. This new trilogy follows the adventures of Luke, Leia and Han after the events of Return of the Jedi as they strive to defeat the remnants of the Empire that was left after the death of the Emperor. Little do they know that Palpatine has returned in a slowly dying clone body and desires to reclaim his Empire as well as converting Luke Skywalker to the Dark Side of the Force.

Darkempire1Also Leia must protect her unborn child from Palpatine as he tries to possess her son who will grow up to be extremely powerful in the Force. Dark Empire’s strengths come from the familiarity of the characters as well as being a continuation of the story of the original trilogy. Seeing Luke try to succeed where his father failed is a truly gripping story and the art is moody and enticing with some stunning battle scenes.


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