Dawn of Justice gets an earlier release date!


The face off between Cap 3 and Batman Vs Superman is no longer happening. Probably a good thing!

Taken from Denofgeek.com:
batman_vs_superman_dawn_of_justiceIn the release date face off between Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Captain America 3, Warner Bros just blinked…

It was all set to be a bit of a titanic face off. On May 6th 2016, in the US at least, two huge comic book movies had been scheduled to land on the same day. Marvel was first to put its towel on the sunlounger, earmarking the date for a film it originally wasn’t revealing. Then, Warner Bros moved Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice back from 2015 to the May 6th release date, presumably expecting Marvel to move.

Marvel didn’t. Instead, it announced that it’d be releasing Captain America 3 on that date, and thus a game of who would blink first had begun. Turns out, it was Warner Bros.

Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice has now moved forward a little, and it’ll effectively be kicking off summer blockbuster season 2016 earlier than ever. It’s heading to cinemas on March 25th 2016. We expect that date to be reflected outside of the US too.

Now if Marvel wanted to keep the game going, it’d shift Captain America 3 forward a month as well…


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