Xaviers secret widow revealed


Definitely a WTF moment!

Taken from Bleedingcool.com:

In a recent issue of All-New X-Men, we saw Moira MacTaggart giving birth to the future Charles Xavier Jr. Only to reveal to the reader, that she was actually Mystique.

Giving the readers the possibility that Mystique had posed as Moira to have sex with Charles Xavier, effectively committing rape.

Well, that’s less likely as a result of today’s Uncanny X-Men. In which, before we get to the laundry list of the Last Will And Testament of Charles Xavier, giving them all a list of issues that need dealt with, we also get this nugget of information.

Image (14)


Yes folks, Xavier married Mystique, which makes the birth more likely to be as a result of fully consensual sexual activity. And Xavier was out of the wheelchair at that time.

The films have created a far closer link between Xavier and Mystique than the comics ever did. Now it seems the comics are grabbing a little of that back…


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