The Logan Legacy to follow the Death of Wolverine


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Wondering just how long Wolverine will stay dead? At a bare minimum, he looks to be gone through at least December. Marvel announced Friday a seven-issue miniseries titled “Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy,” a story set to focus on the impact of the X-Men mainstay’s heavily promoted passing on a different character each installment.

The series starts in October with an issue written by Charles Soule, the writer of September’s weekly “Death of Wolverine” miniseries preceding “The Logan Legacy.” Three issues will be released in October, two in November and two in December; with different creative teams on each issue before Soule returns for the finale in #7.

Logan-Legacy-1-Cover-20ade“Think of the ‘Death of Wolverine’ as an inciting event, one thing that has seismic-level effects on the lives of a great deal of the Marvel Universe,” Soule explained to “We’ll start in ‘The Logan Legacy’ by examining those effects on people close to Wolverine, but over time, we’ll range far and wide to see what sort of black hole Logan’s death actually leaves.

Notably, much of the writers contributing to “The Logan Legacy” worked with X-Men line editor Mike Marts during his years supervising the Batman books at DC Comics. Marguerite Bennett’s first published work was co-writing last year’s “Batman Annual” #2 with Scott Snyder; and James Tynion IV, Tim Seeley, Ray Fawkes and Kyle Higgins are all part of the current “Batman Eternal” writing team, a weekly series originally conceived while Marts was still at DC.

The format and subject matter of the series is somewhat similar to “Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America,” a miniseries published by Marvel in 2007’s after Steve Roger’s temporary demise post-“Civil War.”



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