Brand Routh Joins Arrow


Looks like Brandon Routh is going to be playing another superhero who wears red and blue.

He is going to join season 3 of Arrow as the brilliant scientist Ray Palmer, also known as size changing superhero The Atom.

Season 3 is shaping up to be a pool of DC Comic cameos!

Below is taken from

brandon_routh-crooked_arrows-5Everyone was assuming that the tech based superhero that was coming up for Season 3 of Arrow was going to be Blue Beetle / Ted Kord… but says that former Superman Returns star Brandon Routh will be showing up in Starling City as a different DC Comics character… Ray Palmer.

Palmer will be a recurring character that is being described as as unrivaled scientist and inventor, who will play an unexpected role in Oliver and Felicity’s lives as the new Queen Consolidated owner and whose intentions with the company’s Applied Sciences division are a mystery.

Palmer of course in the comics is also The Atom. To make things even more interesting, in the series Moira Queen’s attorney for the second season was named Jean Loring, the long time love of Palmer’s. In the series she is played by 52-year old Canadian actress Teryl Rothery while Routh is only 34. If they plan on making the Palmer-Loring connection I’m guessing there will suddenly be a daughter…

That’s a lot of casting announcements coming out of Arrow this summer.


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