Has the villain of Ant-Man been revealed?


Looks like we are getting Yellow Jacket as the big bad of the upcoming Ant-Man movie.

Originally a manifestation of Hank Pym aka the first Ant-Mans darker side, Yellow Jacket became one of Pyms many super hero identity’s after he recovered and got better.

Full report below is from superherohype.com:

On the heels of yesterday’s report, which offered descriptions of the potential antagonists of Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man, comes word, via Badass Digest, that the key villain of the film will be Yellowjacket.

Yellowjacket was initially an alternate superhero identity for Hank Pym, the costume having made its first appearance in “The Avengers” #59. Because of the severe mental stress he was under, Yellowjacket actually manifested itself as the darker side of Pym, leading to the character’s infamous turn to spousal abuse. Later on, a criminal named Rita DeMara stole the suit and became at first a supervillain and, later on, a sort of antihero, eventually traveling to the 30th century and teaming up with the Guardians of the Galaxy (a different iteration of the team than will be appearing in the upcoming feature film).

New Rumors Point to Yellowjacket as Ant-Man’s Big Bad

BAD goes on to claim that Michael Douglas’ Pym won’t be wearing the Yellowjacket suit, but doesn’t seem certain that Darren Cross’ character will either.


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