Star Trek Games


Due to the popular sci-fi series re appearing on everyone’s radar in recent years I wanted to give a list of Star Trek games that I think are pretty fantastic and will help to get your Starfleet juices flowing!

Let’s begin with one of my all-time favourite PC games; Star Trek: Voyager: Elite Force. Taking place during the sixth season of the popular series, you are thrust into the shoes of Ensign Alex Monroe a member of the Hazard Team; an elite security team which was created to deal with dangerous away missions. Gameplay takes the form of a first person shooter with Star Trek staples such as phasers and disrupters taking the place of traditional pistols and shotguns. It’s clever story driven game but it is in its enemies and online play where it steps up a gear.
startrekeliteforceThe first time you are on a Borg cube skulking about the seemingly statuesque villains just waiting for the moment they awake and spring upon you is both terrifying and exhilarating. Online play is amazing for a game released 13 years ago; taking place rather brilliantly on the holodeck with support for up to 32 players at any one time. Modes are your usual online fare such as death match and capture the flag. An expansion pack also adds the fantastic “assimilation” match, one team is the Borg and must attempt to assimilate the other team; if a player is assimilated they join the Borg team, gradually reducing the amount of players on the other team. All in all Elite Force is a game that any Star Trek fans need to play.

startrekeliteforceborgIf you ever wanted to be a Captain of a star ship then Bridge Commander is your dream game. With the plot basically revolving a newly promoted Captain charged to investigate an exploded star, it’s just an excuse to get yourself in the Captain’s chair and order your team about. The game allows two different styles of gameplay: the aforementioned storyline mode and quick battle mode. Quick battle mode allows for customized scenarios within a “simulated” environment, allowing the player to pick their allies/enemies, system, etc. With the advent of the modding community; custom missions and even campaigns have been made available to download and prolong your commanding experience.

startrekbridgecommanderboxartIf real time strategy is your preference then get stuck into Star Trek: Armada. Players select a faction from the Star Trek universe and build fleets of star ships and space station bases to conduct battle. Often regarded as one of the better Star Trek games, Armada hits all the right notes especially with its graphics, sound effects and accurately replicated ships from the Next Generation.



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