Greatest Comic Book Games


As you may know or can see on this page I mostly focus on two subjects, one for comics and one for gaming. I thought I would mix the two together and write about the best comic book games. Whilst most on this list may be fighting games (you have been warned) I will try to mix it up as to give you a bit of choice and variety in what you should play.

Any Marvel vs Capcom game
Seriously, I mean any of the Marvel Vs Capcom games as they are all that good. Taking a tag team approach to things, MvC is over the top with balls to the wall action and stupidly awesome super moves. Being able to switch characters whenever you like brings up loads of possible combinations and attacks that help keep the games feeling fresh and exciting. The second MvC is maybe the pinnacle of 2D fighters let alone super hero games but try any of them out and you won’t be disappointed.

marvel-vs-capcom-2-oxcgn-5X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Thankfully ignoring most of the storyline of the film, Wolverine sets out to be what we all wanted it to be; A Wolverine game that pulls no punches. Being an 18 certificate allows the developers to really unleash Logan and let him go to hell on his eneimies. Its looks stunning as you cut a bloody swathe through the levels and the awesome damage model on Logan (depending on the damage, you can sometimes see his bones and guts) make this a game to remember!

wolverineoriginsThe Walking Dead
Being probably the best adaptation of the comics, The Walking Dead takes place within the same universe but with all new characters and stories. It features fantastic and emotional voice acting, an ingeniou story line and so many different outcomes to every situation that it needs to be played more than twice to see a fraction of what it has to offer. First being released as a download only title, Telltale games have really pushed the envelope on what downloadable titles could achieve.

Walking-Dead-Ep-2-02Batman Arkham Asylum and City
There really isn’t anything I can say about these two games that hasn’t already been said. They are possibly the pinnacle of super hero gaming just buy them now and play the hell out of them. It’s a choice you won’t ever regret. When you are finished with both of these titles, try out Arkham Origins to continue to awesome Batman experience!

Batman-Arkham-CityScott Pilgrim vs The World
Another downloadable title that sticks close to its comic roots, Scott Pilgrim is a scrolling beat em up where you destroy many bad guys before facing and defeating your lover Ramona’s seven evil exes. Looking like its ripped straight from the page and having some awesome chip tune music, Scott Pilgrim isn’t a long game but is more than worth a download just to play through once.

Notable mentions: Spider-Man 2, X-Men Legends 1 and 2, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2, Spider-Man (PS1) and Turtles in Time.

Go forth and enjoy!



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