Lego Video Games


With the announcement that the next Lego game would be the what looks to be amazing Lego Batman 3, lets take a look just what makes these games so exciting and special!

Whilst there have been a slew of good and bad Lego video games over the years, it’s the licensed properties such as Star Wars and Harry Potter that have become the definitive Lego games in the years since the first one was released back in 2005. Beginning with the adaption of the Star Wars prequel trilogy gamers took control of a number of varied characters with which to play through many different platform and vehicle levels.

Created by the always amazing Travellers’ Tales, gameplay in Lego video games is mostly geared towards family play, and as such does not feature a game over scenario. Spreading out from a in game hub players are given a specific set of characters in each level, based on a scene from each of the movies, up to two players can control them, using their different abilities to conquer puzzles, find hidden items and collect Lego studs.

For instance in Lego Star Wars C3P0 can open doors locked by a droid interface whilst Padme can use a grappling hook to ascend to otherwise inaccessible surfaces. It is this variation in abilities that helps prolong the games lifespan long after completion and replaying levels can help you gather more studs with which to buy new characters and vehicles; something that admittedly becomes extremely addictive!! The feeling of joy you get when you have collected enough studs to unlock an expensive character is hard to beat and well worth the sometimes frustrating levels. Lego Star Wars was also the first product to reveal the much anticipated ending of Revenge of the Sith a good few weeks before the feature film was actually released, something that helped hype up the video games even more!

After the huge success of Lego Star Wars, there was no stopping Travellers Tales who upped the ante and have released a least one Lego game a year ever since. After rounding out the entire Star Wars saga, TT then moved on to other hot properties such as Lego Indiana Jones, Lego Harry Potter and even Lego Batman. Each game since has been bigger and deeper with both Lego Batman 2’s Gotham City and Lego Marvel Superheroes New York showing just how far the hubs within the games have grown as they are now themselves mini worlds of their own.

Even though the gameplay in every game can be addictive, fun and family friendly it’s the humour that brings the games and stories to life. It’s truly amazing at just how funny it is watching Lego figures acting out a well-known scene from a film entirely without dialogue. Whilst the latest games feature voices for the characters either ripped from a film ala Lord of the Rings or an entirely original script like Lego Batman, it is the earlier games that still make me laugh out loud with only their grunts and chuckles instilling each character with a distinct personality, something that whole lines of script can fail to do in recent films and games.


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