Gore Galore from E3


I thought I would put the top 3 gory and bloody games from E3 in the same post as they all have a running theme!

First up we have a new Dead Island game for the PS4. Called Dead Island 2 (duh) it seems to be set somewhere that looks like the Californian coast. The trailer shows same great humour and just how quickly people can turn in this universe. Here is hoping its as good as the first game as I really enjoyed playing it a few years ago. Trailer below:

Next we have the game that is being described as the video game version of Hostel.It reminds me of the Manhunt series back on the PS2 due to the brutal attacks and point scoring everytime you kill someone. The logo with a skating Grim Reaper leads me to think it will be a game that has a sense of humour. Enjoy the trailer:

Finally we have the triumphant return of the king of bloody games: Mortal Kombat! MK X or 10 takes all that worked in the last title (which was pretty much everything!) and turns it up a gear. Its looks completly stunning and shows off two violent battles between series mainstays Sub Zero and Scorpion and two new characters a bug lady and a huge brute with a little guy atop his shoulders.

X-ray moves also return and show just how violent the next gen graphics make these bone shattering moves look. The interactive battlegrounds of Injustice:Gods Among Us are a new feature in the World of Mortal Kombat and really do help to add depth and surprise to the matches.

The video shows off some of the fantastically sadistic and nasty fatalities available in the game, it truly shows off the next gen power and just how gory these games can get. I can’t wait to play it!

Check out the gorefest trailer:


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