Are some of the original X-Men cast to return for Apocalypse?


Looks like we will be seeing more of the original cast back for the next X-Men film Apocalypse. My money is on Professor X, Magneto and older Scott / Jean.

Will be interesting to see if the movie again involves time travel or maybe will be told as a flash back with Charles Xavier filling Logan in the blanks over everything that he has missed for the last few decades.

Taken from

“In a conversation with The Daily Beast, producer and screenwriter Simon Kinberg dropped an interesting detail about the planned eighth entry in Fox’s big screen X-Universe, claiming that it, too, would feature “original” cast members.

“It will focus primarily on the ‘First Class’ cast,” he says, “but it will certainly have some of the original cast involved, too.”

X-Factor_Vol_1_25Which cast members might those be? One of them is almost certainly Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, who has all-but confirmed his involvement in the project. Another might be Patrick Stewart who, in a recent report, teased a post-Days of Future Past reprisal of his Professor Charles Xavier. (He has, after all, appeared in every big screen X-Men film except for First Class). If Stewart does appear, however, does that necessarily mean that time travel will again be involved in the storyline? Could we see the alternate future of the popular comic book storyline Age of Apocalypse?”


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