Wolverines best stories


In celebrating the release of the fantastic and much needed return to form for Marvels merry mutants: X-Men: Days of Future Past, lets take a look back at some of the best stories in the comics to feature Wolverine!

X-Men_Days of future past cover
After the abysmal movie X-Men Origins; Wolverine, care and consideration seemed to have been taken with the sequel that really isn’t a sequel. Taking place after the X-Men Trilogy instead of before; The Wolverine finds Logan lost after the closing of Xaviers School for the Gifted.

Journeying to Japan, Logan finds himself confronted with a mysterious figure from his forgotten past and will have to use all of his brain and brawn to overcome this new enemy as he is truly pushed to his limits without his famous healing factor to rely on. Based upon the fantastic 1982 storyline found in his self-titled limited series comic book by Chris Claremont, Logan will face samurai, ninjas and an all manner of villains that he must overcome.

As we finally have a film based on one of the best Wolverine stories, I wanted to highlight a few other storylines that should be checked out even if you’re not a Wolverine fan. If you are, then what are you waiting for? Get stuck in!

Weapon X
Written and illustrated by the very talented Barry Windsor-Smith, Weapon X tells the story of Logan’s time with the Canadian Government and how he came to have the unbreakable metal Adamantium bonded to his skeleton turning him into a soulless killing machine. It is this process that causes Logan to lose his memories and identity as well as further conditioning and brainwashing by the government and scientist alike. Its these procedures that create false memories in his mind so for many years afterward he no longer knows which ones are real and which ones are fake.
Whilst it is a story that is hard to read due to the raw and upsetting subject matter as well as the graphic nature of the art, it is an essential tale for any Wolverine fan as it shows Logan’s true fear; that he will one day give up and become a feral animal devoid of humanity.

House of M
If the Weapon X program is what causes Wolverine to lose his memories, then it is thanks to the Scarlet Witch that he regains knowledge of his true past. After the World is changed into a mutant utopia thanks to the Scarlet Witch using her reality altering powers, she finally comes to her senses and utters three small words; No More Mutants.
All at once the Marvel Universe is set back to how it was only now the mutant population has diminished from millions to only 200 worldwide. An odd side effect of this spell is that Logan now knows which of his memories are real and which ones are implanted. This sets him out on a path of revenge against those who have wronged him in his past as well as helping him remember who he actually is, which is what the next story line deals with!

House of M 02 page 00a

Ever since his introduction in the 70’s, comic book geeks have wondered and debated just who this Canadian wild card was and where did he come from? Origin is a six part story that finally lifts the lid on Logan’s history and family life.
Even though the first 5 minutes of X-Men Origins recreated parts of this story for the silver screen (basically the big reveal of who Logan / James was) it wasn’t very well done but it did do a smart thing into making movie Logan and Victor/Sabretooth brothers, something that I think enhances the X-verse movie continuity. I won’t divulge or ruin the events of the story and what happens but it is a book that any self-respecting comic fans need to read!


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