Five minute first look at the Flash!


From the creators of Arrow we finally get a detailed look at the World of Barry Allen aka The Flash!

It looks like the series is going to focus on adapting alot of stuff from the comics including what looks like the Flashes arch enemy Zoom murdering Barry s mother in a flash of the Speed Force.

All of the supporting cast look interesting and well chosen for their roles. It seems that The Flash will go up against the Weather Wizard in the pilot, an interesting choice but also a character whom the Flash can properly test his powers out against. We even see in the trailer that Barry tries to counter spin a tornado which looks like it might cause more harm then good.

Seeing Ollie popping up in is also a geeky delight and having him be the reason for Barry to stand up and be a hero echos the same thing Barry said to Ollie back in Arrow.

I am massivley stoked to watch this and hope the series has as much success and brilliant storylines like as its sister show Arrow.


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